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ORTODONiYA – new and useful game!

Arouse your child’s interest in outdoor activities and physical exercises!

In «ORTODONiYA» game physical exercises turn into adventures! «ORTODONiYA» is a unique combination of tactual sensation and animation. Download and see for yourself!

ORTODONiYA is a playground for cooperation of a child (ME) and ORTODON mats. Playgrounds were created depending on the subject of modular mats set and represent independent locations. And special characters in every location will gladly join the adventures with the child by performing the tasks. Interactive characters show the exercises, make sounds and respond with kindness.

This version of the game includes:

  • 5 interactive characters;
  • 14 pictures of mats – cultivate memory, concentration, imagination and fine motor skills;
  • Section for parents – includes total complex of exercises, life hacks.

Important features:

  • Exercise complexes were developed by physical education instructor;
  • Simplified interface allows children to play both together with parents and by themselves;
  • The game gives hints, if children have troubles.

While playing with the ORTODON mats, children:

  • Develop their interest in systematic physical exercises;
  • Improve motor skills and abilities;
  • Increase motor activities and general working capacity.

Let’s go on an adventure!

ORTODONiYA - new and useful game!
ORTODONiYA - new and useful game!


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